Proof of Product Authenticity
Enable product verification and allow customers to Verify your product details by scanning QR or sending SMS instantly using Brand Binary’s verification platform
Scanning the QR Code
Scan the unique QR code using smartphone camera or scanning application to receive authenticity details of a product or multiple products instantly
Product Verification via SMS
Send verification code via SMS to a specific number to receive the product details without being online
Product Verification via WhatsApp
The WhatsApp functionality allows users to send the code to a number to get all the details about the product that they would receive by scanning, but via WhatsApp messages
Immediate Verification
Verification is quick and on the spot. Brand Binary makes sure that the waiting time is reduced to a few seconds with this fast verification feature
Product Track & Trace Solution
BrandBinary Product Track & Trace solution enable manufacturers to track their products at every stage until it reaches the customer
Universal Solution
Trackable QR codes are the universal solution to all problems related to gray market shipments, customer retention, counterfeiting, tampering products, and so on
Different Types of Codes
Choose from the different types of QR codes that Brand Binary has to offer, such as anti-label codes, tamper-evident codes and anti-counterfeit codes all traceable and trackable
Brand Binary Track & Trace Solution
Dynamic Tracking
Trace the product along the entire line from manufacturing to retail both online and offline with various tracking options provided by Brand Binary
Win-win Situation
These codes are a win-win situation for both the brand and the consumers: the brand earns reputation and loyalty from customers and customers get high-quality and non-tampered products
Anti-counterfeit Labels & Packaging

Due to high value and growing demand, counterfeiting can be a serious and life threatening issue for many manufacturers. counterfeiting can be done is different forms, from the simple infringement of intellectual property, to the sale of generic products under a different name, to the reuse of packaging or the manufacturing of counterfeit packaging designed to sell faulty or totally different products from those indicated. These malpractices not only represent a considerable loss of revenue for the industry, they induce a loss of confidence in brands and systems.

Brand Binary’s anti-counterfeit labels and packaging make it difficult for products to be replicated or counterfeited
Protect Your Product
Stop Counterfeit
Increase Profit
BrandBinary Pricing, Choose the plan that’s fits you best.
  • Add Unlimited Products
  • Generate 1 Million QR Codes
  • Optional Add-on QR Codes
  • 1 Year QR Scan Validity
  • Get Product Track & Trace Solution
  • Daily Analytics Report
  • Get 5,000 SMS for Product Verification
  • Optional WhatsApp Integration
  • API Integration


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Commercial Printers
  • Add Unlimited Products
  • Generate 10,000 QR Codes
  • Optional Add-on QR Codes
  • 1 Year QR Scan Validity
  • -
  • Daily Analytics Report
  • Get 500 SMS for Product Verification
  • Optional WhatsApp Integration
  • Optional API Integration


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