Get API Connection from Brand Binary
Establish a backend-to-backend database connection with your business. This optimizes and streamlines processes by using an API key issued by Brand Binary.
How is this helpful?

Brand Binary takes away the overhead from the business by providing a customizable back-end database connection. This allows the business to worry less about the software and focus on generating and printing millions of QR codes.

Generate Millions of QR Codes
The API connection allows the business to print as many QR codes, serial numbers and PIN codes as needed
Cut Long Processes Short
It is a tedious task to explain the requirements and then get it printed. Cut out the waiting and the explanation with API access
Avoid Making Mistakes
Communication and interpretation can lead to serious mistakes. With API, the brand can print the codes directly, hence avoiding any human error
Take Control
Brand Binary empowers your business by providing full access to the API connection, offering many benefits to the brand

API access gives the business the rights to gain customer information, view customer details, manage leads, and create promotions or campaigns.

Lead Management
With API access, the brand can do much more including managing leads, generating serial numbers, and printing QR codes
Backend Support
Brand Binary provides backend support as well as maintenance for the software provided

Customizable to Suit your Business Needs

Pre-made Software
Getting pre-made software allows the business to shift their focus from how the software should work and its maintenance to generating and printing QR codes
Custom Made Software
Brand Binary allows for a number of customizations to be made to accommodate all your business needs
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